Our Brands and Partners

Diane Berry Kitchens collaborates exclusively with the world’s most esteemed brands, meticulously selecting the finest kitchen appliances and materials. This commitment enables us to create bespoke kitchens that epitomize luxury and sophisticated design.

Eggersmann’s global influence stems from their relentless drive to introduce innovative and genuine materials into kitchen design, fostering inspiration with their remarkable concepts.

Rempp kitchens celebrate the uniqueness of every individual who uses them. Whether your preference is an L-shaped, U-shaped, or linear kitchen layout, or even a design incorporating an island, Rempp is equipped to cater to your vision.

At Schuller, kitchens represent more than mere products; they embody the company’s past and pave the way for its future.

Since its inception in 1899, Miele has steadfastly lived up to its ‘Immer Besser’ pledge, continually striving to outperform competitors and improve upon its own high standards.

Siemens is synonymous with groundbreaking innovations and the reliability of German engineering.

NEFF is founded on the belief that the kitchen is more than just a cooking space; it’s the heart of every home, a hub for dining, socialising, and culinary creativity.

Spanning three generations, BLANCO has consistently set new benchmarks in the realm of high-end sinks, faucets, and decorative accessories, doing so with a blend of quiet passion and expertise.

SCHOCK stands at the forefront of innovation as the creator of the granite sink composed of quartz composite, showcasing their excellence in material technology with CRISTADUR®.

The core of BORA’s ingenuity lies in the application of physics to kitchen design, ensuring that vapors, grease, and odors are efficiently captured right at their point of origin.

Boasting more than eight decades of groundbreaking advancements, Fisher & Paykel has evolved into a worldwide leader, fostering a culture steeped in innovation and curiosity.

Liebherr’s refrigeration solutions stand out for their commitment to superior quality materials and stringent production standards.

ORAC are dedicated to continuously evolving their technology, materials, and designs.

Corian solid surfaces give you the freedom to create a kitchen that is distinctly you.


Our love for working with rare, solid metals has led us to transform everyday functional fittings into extraordinary home details.


Vibia exists to create beautiful atmospheres, using lighting design to generate meaningful responses that have a positive impact on the human experience.


Arte is a passionate designer & manufacturer of sophisticated wallcoverings. The company, owned by the family Desart, has been in play since 1981. Arte wallcoverings adorn the walls of both residential homes and project interiors in over 80 countries worldwide.”


From the same innovators who brought Corian® and Parapan® to the UK, Air Uno specialises in high quality, premium kitchen cooker hoods.


Cosentino is a world leader in the production and distribution of surfaces including Dekton, Silestone, ECO and Sensa.