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I have found the whole experience truly a pleasure, from start to finish of the process ; one which is often the hardest question most homeowners tend to ask of themselves “what can I make of the space” when applied to a kitchen.One thought sticks in my mind, they made it so easy (even if I was not) that I say simply ” it was so good it makes you want to buy another”.
Of course having one plan on paper and then executing that is where most organisations fail their customers.
However the team and that is mainly down to Michael the fitter, really made it customer centric.
Michael was attentive, even obsessive in his nature and approach the planning and the fitting and all I surmise is his attention to detail and professionalism.
This can only come from someone who loves doing what he does, giving the customers a wow factor and pulling your company vision through.
For someone so young I was worried he was too young to deliver to my expectations of fitting this kitchen but I was soon corrected.
From day One he was all the things someone making an investment in their homes expect from a supplier.
On time ever day, never late and worked late to ensure each day’s work was completed.
Clean and tidy – he never left anything overnight to be in the way or to be cleaned up.
He never ever took a lunch break!
Engaging and answered questions and asked for opinions as he went where needed. The fact he even stayed until gone midnight one evening is true commitment which said to me he was measured in his approach and focussed on what he loves doing, fitting kitchens.
All in all I have to commend them at the top for having such a great team who all live and breathe the way the firm deliver to customer expectations.
I don’t know what they feed them but they all seem incredibly happy to work for Diane and that shows in the passion by which Michael approached the kitchen he fitted.
Would I buy again from them, and ask for Michael?
You bet I would.
Complaints are easy to make but where none exist a compliment is harder to write as I can’t say enough.
I recently got married and my wife absolutely loves the kitchen and its changed our enjoyment of the house totally – it’s now the best room in the house.

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