Kitchen Designs - Penthouse apartment luxury kitchen

kosher kitchen in white and blue

Blue and white just works so well as a colour scheme for an apartment, as it sits up above the roof tops it link to all the blue skies through the seasons and enhances how you see the tree tops too. I know this might sound romantic but it is just how I felt stood in the room a fresh and smart space. This kitchen is a kosher kitchen so lots of storage space and work areas, two sink and taps, two dishwashers two ovens, drawers and cutlery space for both meat and milk.
The Quartz veined worktops are both robust and beautiful adding luxury styling too, Miele grey ovens are amazing as the simplicity of their design mean they blend in and no seeing blocks of black and metal oven, just soft grey reflective glass.

The floor are large format parquet porcelain floor tiles from Lapicida with a soft texture to make them easy underfoot and realistic too.